Our vocalist uses top-of-the-line recording equipment to produce the highest quality. A certified mixing engineer mixes and masters all Voice Tags

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Voice tags are recorded by our professional female vocalist Honey-B-Sweet.

Voice tags can be recorded in any mood or style requested when placing your order, some of our most popular requests are: Sexy, Flirty, Nick Mira style & Maybach Music style. Custom vocal sounds such as Laughs, Moans, Kisses etc can be added upon request when filling out the order form. 

Delivery Process & Revisions
Your tags will be delivered to your email in high quality .wav format (24 Bit - 44.1 kHz) Delivery will include dry (no FX/Raw) version and mixed and mastered version with 3 different FX each tag.

All voice tag orders include 1 revision per tag,
tag words/phrase cannot be changed as part of a revision.

You want to use a brand that offers a distinctive sound when it comes to making custom DJ drops. Our mission here at Makaih Beats is to ensure that our customers receive the sound of the highest quality. We only use the latest and most excellent quality audio broadcast studio, not available anywhere else!!

We build voice tags of which you can be proud, we differentiate our voice-over and conquer mixes with instant use. Are you ready to go to the next stage with your voice over? Are you willing to raise the bar in professional branding overall?

Since the start of Makaih Beats, it has been our task to provide quality — the primary reason why most of our customers come back for more at all times. We use only the best talent to create audio branding known as imaging. Also, we consider this to be the perfect kit for promoting DJ's during live sets, the recognition of a producer for composing instrumentals, or mixtape use.


Protect Your Music

If you're selling beats online or giving away free beats, a producer tag is essential. Producer Tags helps identify the beatmaker and improve your chances of sealing the deal.  

Grow the Brand 

A reasonable beat tag for producers divides rookies from champs. Get yourself known for the works you put out. 

For whom are voice tags?

Music producers, DJs, podcasters, songwriters, gamers, creatives, record labels, who are looking to grow their brand!